Randomizer Toolbox

Randomizer Toolbox for all your randomise requirements:

You find it on Apple and Android App Store.

  1. Wheel of Fortune – numbers, letters, names etc.
  2. Lottery numbers – generate numbers for you lottery
  3. Roll-a-Dice – roll 1 – 4 dices
  4. Pick-a-Pin – classical pick a pin with between 2 – 6 pin’s
  5. Pick-a-Card – pick the correct card with between 2 – 4       cards
  6. Stone-Scissors-Paper – classic way competing about things
  7. Lotto – generate Lotto numbers with a number of different setup options
  8. Letter – generate a random letter
  9. Yes & No – generate random Yes or No
  10. Flip a Coin – classic flip a coin if you need to decide something
  11. Password – create passords with function
  12. Optional MaxiYatzy – MaxiYatzy (with six dices) game for four players.

Multiple languages, currently English and Swedish. If you want your language you can contribute to translate all text and get in-game credit for you work.

The app is financed with Ads that is kicked in each 60th time you use any of the randomise functions. However, you can remove the Ads for a very small fee, and get a full fledge MaxiYatzy game for four players.
Graphic design by Berne Albertsson @ berne.albertsson@typhoon.se